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Let us help you create a space that you love. We offer a variety of windows, cabinets, vanities, kitchen/bathroom sinks, ceramic/porcelain tile and backsplash, granite/quartz cabinet tops, vinyl flooring, self-adhesive flooring, interior/exterior doors, insulation, and much more.

Visit us at 515 S. Chestnut St. in Holdenville, OK., or call 405-379-9901 for quotes or more information.


  • Payments and Return Policy

    All material is distributed in "as is" condition. Because of this, we are unable to process refunds, returns, and/or exchanges. 

    Methods of payment include: cash, checks, and credit cards (Additional 3% processing fee if using credit cards). 

    Upon receiving a returned check, there will be an additional $28 fee due.